• Why Investor Relations?

    For more than 40 years, the CFA Institute has advocated for efficient capital markets that are ethical, transparent, and provide investor protections. One of the Institute’s guiding principles states: “Investors need complete, accurate, timely and transparent information from securities issuers.”

  • Why InsuranceIR?

    Insurance companies face unique challenges when communicating with investors and InsuranceIR is uniquely suited to help with industry-specific support.

    The primary purpose of this blog is to offer specific ideas on how insurance companies can achieve that objective.

    The supporting pages offer information on InsuranceIR's capabilities and how firm principal Heather J. Wietzel can help your company improve your investor communications.

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Auditing Investor Relations Activities

InsuranceIR Capability: Investor Relations Audit and Assessment

InsuranceIR defines superb investor relations as:
  • Delivering credible, transparent and principled external and internal communications while maintaining constant awareness of all constituencies and of the importance of integrating messages across those audiences.
  • Developing and implementing activities that communicate management’s view of the company’s prospects to investors.
  • Fostering the relationship between management and those investors.
  • Understanding investor perceptions of the company.
Why Choose InsuranceIR to Audit Investor Relations Activities?
The quality of your company’s investor communications directly influences valuation and perceptions.  But for most companies, the investor relations function has evolved to its present form, making use of tactics drawn from a variety of sources that may or may not work in concert to create the desired “superb” effort.
InsuranceIR offers a unique perspective that can be leveraged by property casualty and life insurance companies seeking to focus management’s efforts on those investor communications efforts that will generate the greatest long-term value.
  • InsuranceIR specializes in investor relations for insurance companies and has worked with eight insurance industry clients over the past two years.
  • By focusing solely on the insurance industry, InsuranceIR can stay fully up-to-speed on industry-specific practices and insurance-investor preferences.
  • InsuranceIR Principal Heather J. Wietzel has over 25 years of investor relations experience that can be brought to bear on behalf of your company.
    • In 2007, she was recognized by the investment community with her selection as a Finalist for “Best Investor Relations Officer – mid to large cap” (IR Magazine US Awards) while serving as investor relations officer for Cincinnati Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:CINF).
    • In over a decade focusing on the insurance sector, she has been responsible for all aspects of the investor communications function, ranging from serving as the primary contact for sell- and buy-side investors, to analysis of and message development for corporate strategy and financial performance, to drafting and editing responsibility for materials including external SEC reporting (10-K and proxy), financial news releases, conference call scripts and investor presentations.

How Are InsuranceIR Audits Conducted?

The InsuranceIR Audit and Assessment offers practical guidance to help insurance companies garner the great possible benefit from its investor communications activities. In particular, the effort looks for ways to leverage time already being invested in investor communications and SEC compliance.

The audit process encompasses:
  • Conducting background research on the company, including studying recent company communications, reviewing analyst research and listening to replays of recent conference calls and presentations.
  • Interviewing management in your office to learn about the company and your company’s investor relations objectives.
  • Undertaking selected interviews with followers or owners to garner additional insights.
  • Developing company-specific recommendations that build on your current activities, utilize your existing resources and are specific to your situation. The recommendations balance current best practices with the company’s situation and reflect InsuranceIR’s well honed understanding of the practical realities of investor relations.
  • Conducting follow-up meeting to review the comprehensive recommendations.
The resulting assessment potentially would address:

  • Refinements to the presentation of your “investment thesis,” or the key reasons insurance investors choose to purchase your company’s stock, based in part on interviews with buy- and sell-side representatives.
  • Suggestions on enhancing the effectiveness of your written and oral investor communications (SEC filings, news releases, conference calls, investor presentations, financial supplements, others) plus ideas on ways to improve the processes that support your efforts. As appropriate for your situation, the final report also can discuss the potential effect of recent or pending regulatory actions.
  • Guidance on tactics to reach investors who would respond best to your investment thesis.

Please email InsuranceIR to learn more about Audits and other capabilities.


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