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Conference Call Registration

I learned of a “pet peeve” from an insurance analyst this week. He had a legitimate objection to being asked to register every quarter for the conference calls of companies he knows well. Keep in mind, professional investors may listen to 50 or more calls during a single earnings season.

A simple solution can make life easier for your company’s closest followers.  Even better, the solution also can help make sure that your company’s call is not overlooked and that investors likely to ask questions are participating in the call rather than the webcast.

As background, announcements of upcoming conference calls often encourage those interested in the company to access the webcast. Webcast participation usually is encouraged because there is no “per user” expense for the company. Those interested in dialing in are asked to register to receive the number.

I recommend working to put your company’s call directly on the calendar of your top followers by sending them a “meeting invitation” after the broadly disseminated announcement of the call. The invitation would include the dial-in number and any necessary pass code.

Top followers normally would include all analysts covering your company, your top holders and selected targets on both the buy- and sell-side. (I do not recommend using these invitations to introduce your company to new investors.) Others who ask for the dial-in number would be registered in your company’s normal fashion.

Your followers will appreciate the convenience.



My plan is to focus this blog on strategic investor communications topics for insurance companies.

But sometimes there is value in the details. So I’m making a case for PODCASTS.  (I was surprised how few of the year-end calls were available as podcasts when I was organizing “entertainment” for my trip to New York last week.)

This is such a simple way to make your company a bit easier to follow. And it is truly simple.  With just a call to your Web site vendor, you will have podcasts of your investor presentations and calls on your site (expect a small fee).

Bottom-line, investors can’t be in two places, or listen to two events, at once. For a variety of reasons, your company’s event may not be that day’s top priority. A podcast can encourage interest by making it easy for your followers to take the replay on the road or to the gym!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to stand out from the crowd.

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