• Why Investor Relations?

    For more than 40 years, the CFA Institute has advocated for efficient capital markets that are ethical, transparent, and provide investor protections. One of the Institute’s guiding principles states: “Investors need complete, accurate, timely and transparent information from securities issuers.”

  • Why InsuranceIR?

    Insurance companies face unique challenges when communicating with investors and InsuranceIR is uniquely suited to help with industry-specific support.

    The primary purpose of this blog is to offer specific ideas on how insurance companies can achieve that objective.

    The supporting pages offer information on InsuranceIR's capabilities and how firm principal Heather J. Wietzel can help your company improve your investor communications.

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Quick Tip: WebFilings just for IR

WebFilings — which I initially discussed in this post — has added an item to their blog called “Investor Relations: An Early Fan of WebFilings.”

I’ll admit one reason I like their post is because of the kind things they said about me.  Thanks! (Remember — I have no business relationship with the organization.)

More important, WebFilings makes a key point.  They note that their solution can be adopted solely for the documents managed by the investor relations team, creating tremendous advantages. (It does not need to be simultaneously implemented for the 10-Ks and 10-Qs).


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