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    For more than 40 years, the CFA Institute has advocated for efficient capital markets that are ethical, transparent, and provide investor protections. One of the Institute’s guiding principles states: “Investors need complete, accurate, timely and transparent information from securities issuers.”

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    Insurance companies face unique challenges when communicating with investors and InsuranceIR is uniquely suited to help with industry-specific support.

    The primary purpose of this blog is to offer specific ideas on how insurance companies can achieve that objective.

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Building an Effective Earnings Package — SNL Webinar Available for Replay

Last Thursday (August 16), SNL’s Center for Financial Education* hosted a webinar titled “Bank and Insurance Investor Relations Best Practices: Building an Effective Earnings Package” For the discussion, Ronald H. Janis, partner, Day Pitney LLP, Jeffrey A. Schoenborn, principal, Casteel Schoenborn Investor Relations, and I provided insight and best practices on building an effective earnings release package. Our comments focused on the special challenges and needs of the banking and insurance industries, with the ultimate goal of helping you maximize shareholder value.

The slides are below. A replay of the full webinar is on the SNL website.

* Full Disclosure: InsuranceIR LLC purchases data services from SNL Financial and participates in their “IR Partner Program.” Under the terms of that program, any company that contracts for services from SNL based on my recommendation receives a credit on their initial bill. InsuranceIR does not receive any cash compensation for referrals. By participating in various marketing activities with SNL, I may receive non-cash benefits, such as higher visibility.


2 Responses

  1. […] four weeks since I participated in the SNL webinar on building an effective earnings package have been busy, both for InsuranceIR and for insurance-sector investor outreach in general. […]

  2. […] Something to look forward to — an executive seminar tailored specifically for bank, insurance and REIT professionals covering Effective Investor Relations hosted by the SNL Center for Financial Education* on Monday and Tuesday, December 10 and 11, in Atlanta. The program for the seminar will be directed by Lynn Casteel and Jeffrey A. Schoenborn, principals of Casteel Schoenborn Investor Relations, who bring significant experience with bank and REIT investor relations. InsuranceIR will offer the insurance-sector IR expertise. (You may recall that Jeff and I teamed up for an SNL webinar in August on Building an Effective Earnings Package.) […]

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