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Effectively Using a “Timeline” Slide

Over the next week or two, I plan to post ideas on ways insurance companies could strengthen their investor presentations.

To start, here’s an idea on making best use of timeline slides. A significant number of AIFA and NYSSA presenters included a timeline in their deck to illustrate the major events that built their company.

As this mock-up shows, companies can make their story more compelling by linking the events to a measure of the value created.

In addition, the headline could capture the strategic theme of the growth, e.g., diversification.


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  1. […] As background, generally the various permutations of “timeline” slides provide only a look at events in a company’s history, giving little insight into the benefits or implications of those events. After the NYSSA Conference two years ago, I did a post looking at how an insurance company might present a timeline that explained their history in a way that offered greate…. […]

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